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Take flight lessons and learn to fly an airplane at Truckee Tahoe Airport, North Lake Tahoe, California.  

Sarah Halas


Sarah is a Certified Flight Instructor with over 1300 hours of flight training given during her 9 years as a flight instructor.  She is an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), instrument flight instructor (CFII), multi-engine flight instructor (MEI), Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP), and experienced mountain pilot with an exceptional safety record.  Sarah has been awarded a Gold Seal by the Federal Aviation Administration for teaching flying to such a high level that her students enjoy an exceptionally high first time pass rate on their check rides.  Sarah is an experienced commercial pilot, having flown as an air ambulance and charter pilot, and for the airline SurfAir.  She offers training for private pilot, instrument, commercial, flight instructor, and ATP ratings, and specializes in Mountain Flying courses.  Sarah is also an instructor on adventure trips with The Finer Points of Flying, and an experienced backcountry ski guide.  

Whether your goal is to become a private pilot, gain confidence flying in and out of mountain airports, or get your instrument rating in a Cirrus, you'll build valuable mountain flying skills every day you fly in Truckee.  Contact Truckee Flight Training to plan your next adventure.