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"I recently had the chance to take Sarah's three-day mountain flying course, and I can't recommend it highly enough. The comprehensive syllabus she’s developed covers the myriad aspects of mountain flying, but the course is so much more than just a topic-by-topic review. She took the time to learn about my flying experience and the goals I had for the course, then evaluated my skills before tailoring the curriculum toward my interests and abilities. Her calm demeanor, clear explanations and instructions, and overall kindness put this low-time pilot at ease, even while she was challenging me to push my skills to a higher level.

With a diverse background as mountaineer, guide, search and rescue technician, and professional pilot, Sarah imparts the wisdom she's gained living, working, and flying in the mountains into each lesson. Her reverence for the mountain environment, and the Sierras in particular, is absolutely infectious. I’m so grateful that she helped me develop the skills I’ll need to begin to safely explore this dynamic and amazing world just an hour’s flight from home. I’m looking forward to coming back again for more training, as I have so much more to learn from her!"

Edward Adasiak

July 21, 2017

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"Had the pleasure to get mountain flying instruction from Sarah last year (2016 spring). I greatly enjoyed the experience during which she shared insights on the mountain flying best practices. Sarah knows the mountain from various angles, not just aviation... Her other fortes are extreme hiking and skiing, and that makes her a very engaging person for conversations related to the topic of the mountain. Most importantly though, she has a great personality that puts one at ease, a rare find amongst experts in any field..."

Ernesto Sanchez

October 16, 2016

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"I had the opportunity to fly with Sarah Halas today. What a great experience! I'm a new pilot and wanted an introduction to mountain flying. Sarah gave me an hour of ground training then a couple of hours in the air going over the basics. She was cool and calm. Her instructions were clear and easy to understand. She is one of the better instructors I have ever had. I highly recommend her and Truckee Flight Training. Thank you Sarah!"

"Aviation photography has taken me a lot of places, but never did I enjoy flying as much as the day I spent with Sarah as part of the Ultimate Mountain Checkout syllabus. We yanked and banked all across the Sierras, winding through valleys and soaring up ridges. She knows the terrain because she's hiked and skied and soaked all the best spots. It was an exhilarating experience, seeing the mountains through her brilliant eyes. Don't ever miss a chance to fly with her!"

"I had the opportunity to do an introductory flight lesson with Sarah and it was simply amazing! While she had full control of the situation she made me feel like I was flying the plane independently - which is pretty awesome feeling! Sarah has a very gentle and nice way of instructing, making even the most flight scared feel safe and capable. She also brought us for other adventures, out hiking and camping in the region, and that was equally pleasant and fun!!"

"Me and my girls flew with Sarah on Sunday 8/16/15! It was an unforgettable flight! Sarah is a awesome pilot and very loving with my young girls to make them feel comfortable in the air."