Truckee Flight Training

Take flight lessons and learn to fly an airplane at Truckee Tahoe Airport, North Lake Tahoe, California.  


Mountain Flying

Take your flying to the next level by learning to fly into some of the most technically challenging, high density altitude airports in the U.S and handle mountain cross winds like a pro.


Mountain Flying 101

A 3 day course including 15 hours of flight and ground instruction,  practice time to get a handle on your new skills, and a long cross country flight through the Sierra to gain real world experience.  

Custom Adventures

Custom trips to virtually anywhere you'd like to fly, with a knowledgeable private instructor and guide by your side.  You'll learn flying technique relevant to your choice of destinations, and have a blast in the process.  Whether you prefer the highest level of service, accommodation, and dining, or roughing it, these courses are built to fit you.

A perfect way to explore the outdoor destinations you've always dreamt of visiting.  Fly a full day or take time to see the sites, take a hike or a mountain bike ride, or relax and enjoy.  


Sierra to the Rockies

3+ day options, including ground instruction, skill practice time, and flights into some of the highest density altitude airports in the US, like Telluride, Colorado and Bryce Canyon, Utah.