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Getting Psyched for Greenland

Recently returned from the Altay Ancient Ski Conference in Altay City, China, I'm now preparing for a trip to Norway and Greenland April 6th through 23rd.   

Norway offers phenomenal backcountry skiing against the backdrop of its fjords, and Greenland boasts the allure of legendary "Polar Powder."  Ice Axe Expeditions offers a hut based ski touring trip in the remote mountains outside of Sisimiut.  For more on the Ice Axe trip, check out

There is still space on the Greenland trip, so if you'd like to make the most of a less than epic season at home, contact Ice Axe and join us!

Traditional skiers from the Altay region of Xinjiang, China, during the Altay Ski History Conference.  The fur covered skins on their skis facilitate glide on the exceptionally cold snow of the region, and don't need to be removed before descending.